Threat Express Blog by MINIS LLC

Welcome to the Threat Express information security blog by the Red Team at MINIS LLC. Our primary website remains, but this is our platform for the release of security research, tools, and other Red Teaming related information.

Our public tools are available at

MINIS is a leading Cyber and Information Security consulting company specializing in expert-level penetration testing, red team operations, cyber threat analysis, cyber threat emulation and replication, application security, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, and incident mitigation.

Our mission is to develop actionable, efficient and innovative solutions for today’s complex IT and Cybersecurity challenges.

MINIS owes its success to a highly skilled and experienced team. Each MINIS team member has over 15 years of experience with the unique tools, techniques, and procedures employed by malicious entities or threats in the Cyber and Information Security space. This experience includes efforts dedicated to researching, understanding and mitigating against highly sophisticated threats for both government and commercial clients.